Why Predicto

We have created Predicto because we believe that predictive maintenance is the future of industrial asset management. We want to make predictive maintenance universal and easy to apply to a wide range of industries.

Future of Work in Manufacturing

Data gathered from all equipment will allow full visibility of the production process / AI will provide different maintenance scenarios based on specific goals / Maintenance teams will be delivering just in time repairs and will never know what unplanned repair means.


PREDICTO is a plug&play predictive maintenance solution that uses measurement from the operational parameters - vibration, temperature and sound, to forecast issues and malfunctions.

Condition Monitoring
-Advanced asset management
-Automated condition monitoring 24/7

Predictive models
-Forecast malfunctions based on vibration and temperature

Web Based
-Powered by the cloud
-Access from all devices
-Independent system with ability to integrate 
-User-friendly dashboard 

Plug & Play
-Easy to install
-No set-up fees


Booking a demo with Predicto is a great way to see how our predictive maintenance sensor and platform can help you reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and optimize maintenance costs. Our demo will show you how our sensor and platform work, how they can be applied to your industry and assets, and how they can provide you with real-time insights and alerts on the health and status of your assets.