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About us

Building up a full-cycle solution for predictive maintenance is a considerable endeavor. The team behind PREDICTO represents some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in their respective fields, with the knowledge and proven track record required to build and scale successful products.

PREDICTO was born out of the necessity to satisfy the predictive maintenance needs of manufacturing plants in Bulgaria.


Inoxsys is an industrial equipment manufacturer and maintenance service provider holding the domain knowledge in PREDICTO. It is a family owned business with over 25 years of experience in equipment design, manufacturing and maintenance. One of the core competencies of Inoxsys is the installation of equipment and its supporting architecture in key industries such as Food and Foodstuffs, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biochemical and Mining. Inoxys has an outstanding reputation and it’s trusted by key players, such as Kaolin, ADM, Cordeel, Huvepharma and Biovet.



Radomir graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Bath University, founded his first industrial services business at the age of 22 and started his career in aviation engineering at Rolls-Royce. Upon his return to Bulgaria in 2014, Radomir devoted all his attention to the recently transformed family business Inoxsys where he took over as co-founder and CEO. The company’s revenue grew 700% in the next 7 years and has recently expanded to the European market.